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UFO Interactive Frenchie Toy

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''It's like having a futuristic companion for our furry friend. Not only does it keep him entertained for hours, but it also helps improve his intelligence and curiosity.''

Tanya M., our customer

  • Apply the dry kibble food and let the magic begin
  • Perfect for puppies that choke or eat fast
  • Made of safe material
  • Unique design
  • Composition: rubber and solid plastic

Why Do We Love It?

Your dog will have a lovely companion when spending time alone because our Interactive UFO toy for Frenchies will improve his intelligence and make him curious. This interactive toy looks like a UFO and it releases dry kibble food when your dog turns it left or right. It can be especially handy for anxious pups because it will distract a pet’s attention from the owner’s absence. Your Frenchie can even have a meal from this toy, because the size is big enough to add a complete food portion. The UFO/ ball toy features durable rubber on the side and solid and non-breakable plastic. Therefore, you can even use it for playing fetch.

UFO Interactive Frenchie Toy

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