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Mesh Cooling Frenchie Harness

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''It's like giving my pup a VIP ticket to the coolest party in town – no more panting and overheating during our walks''

Bella N., our customer

Let your French Bulldog conquer the summer heat with grace and ease with our Mesh Cooling Frenchie Harness!

  • Transform hot days into enjoyable adventures with this essential accessory
  • The harness features adjustable straps for a customized fit
  • Crafted with breathable mesh fabric
  • Keeps your furry friend comfortably cool during hot summer days

Why do we love it?

This harness is made of mesh fabric that lets air flow through, so your dog won't get too hot when you walk or play with him. Traditional collars can be uncomfortable, but the Mesh Cooling Frenchie Harness wraps your pet in a soft, cool hug that lets them play and explore without feeling the heat. The Mesh Cooling Frenchie Harness turns hot days into fun adventures, whether you're taking a stroll through the park, playing a game of fetch, or just soaking up the sun. It's the most important thing your pet needs for the summer, and it shows how much you care about their comfort and happiness.


Mesh Cooling Frenchie Harness

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