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I Saved A Frenchie Women's Relaxed Tee

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"It's a symbol of love and kindness, with 100% of the profit directed towards French Bulldog rescues, ensuring that every wear supports the well-being of these beloved companions."

Linda E., our customer

Wear your compassion with pride through our "I Saved A Frenchie" Women's Relaxed Tee – a poignant portrayal of the difference you make in the lives of furry friends. Imagine a baby Frenchie capturing hearts with its innocence, while the tee tells a story of rescue, care, and hope.

  • With 100% profit for Frenchie rescues, you're wearing more than a shirt.
  • Made from high-quality cotton fabric
  • Machine washable at 30c
  • High-quality print on the front
  • A t-shirt for every dedicated dog mom who saved a Frenchie

Why do we adore it?

Our "I Saved A Frenchie" Women's Relaxed Tee embodies the spirit of compassion and commitment to making a difference. It's a representation of how fashion can contribute to meaningful causes, showcasing the power of love and kindness.

Choose the "I Saved A Frenchie" Women's Relaxed Tee and let your style speak for the lives you touch. Embrace the purpose, celebrate the impact, and wear your heart on your sleeve – all while supporting French Bulldog rescues.

Size guide

S 47 64.1 6-8 36-38 10-12 19.7
M 50.8 66 10-12 40-42 14-16 21
L 55.9 68 14-16 44-46 18-20 22.2
XL 61 69.9 18-20 48-50 22-24 24.1
2XL 66 71.8 22-24 52-54 26-28 26
I Saved A Frenchie Women's Relaxed Tee

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Rescue Donations

With each purchase, you're not only getting a wonderful product but also making a meaningful impact as we (read - YOU) donate 25 - 100% of proceeds to Everlasting Devotion French Bulldog Rescue.