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Fart Machine Frenchie Hoodie

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"My Frenchie looks absolutely hilarious in this Fart Machine Hoodie! We get a good laugh every time."

Sarah, our customer

The Fart Machine Frenchie Hoodie will make sure you always have a loud companion! Featuring a French Bulldog with a start-of-the-art Fart Machine, this hoodie is sure to make you the life of the party. Pull the tab and get ready for some pootastic fun!

  • Crafted with quality and humor in mind, this hoodie not only keeps your furry friend warm but also adds a touch of playful personality.
  • Whether your French Bulldog is a true "fart machine" or just a goofball, this hoodie lets them express their unique character.
  • Made from soft and comfortable materials, it's perfect for everyday wear, and the convenient pullover style ensures a snug fit.
  • The high-cut stay-dry belly design keeps your Frenchie comfy, even during bathroom breaks.

Why We Love It:

We adore the humor and charm of the Fart Machine Frenchie Hoodie. It's a lighthearted way to showcase your pet's fun-loving nature and bring smiles to everyone's faces. Perfect for casual outings or cozy days at home, this hoodie adds a dash of laughter to your pet's style. So, embrace the giggles and let your Frenchie proudly wear their "fart machine" title with this playful and comfy hoodie!

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Fart Machine Frenchie Hoodie

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