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Engraved Customized French Bulldog ID Tag

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''The moment we attached the tag to Max's collar, it was like he had a new lease on life. He strutted around with an extra pep in his step, flaunting his stylish accessory''

Mark B., our customer

Enhance your Frenchie's style and safety with our vibrant multicolor ID tag. Engraved with their name and contact details, it's a practical and stylish way to keep your pet safe.

  • Built to withstand the rigors of play and exploration
  • Engraved with your dog's name and contact details, it ensures a safe return if they ever wander off.
  • Be ready for any adventure with this practical and stylish tag that combines fashion with safety

Why do we love it?

This multicolor masterpiece is not your ordinary pet tag. It's a fashion statement, a piece of art, and a safety precaution all rolled into one. Crafted to stand out and designed to last, it adds a burst of color to your Frenchie's collar.

But this ID tag isn't just about looks; it's about safety. We understand that our furry friends can be curious adventurers, and sometimes they wander a little too far. That's where this tag comes to the rescue.

We personalize it with your dog's name and either your phone number or address, ensuring that anyone who finds your pet can easily reunite you. It's a practical solution to give you peace of mind and keep your beloved French Bulldog safe.

Engraved Customized French Bulldog ID Tag

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