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Anti Choke Frenchie Feeding Bowl

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''Our Frenchie used to gobble up his meals in a matter of seconds, often leading to bloating and discomfort. But since we introduced this bowl into his routine, mealtime has become a more relaxed and enjoyable experience.''

Jason K., our customer
  • Brand New and High quality: Our bowl is a testament to quality and innovation.
  • Enhanced Stability: The black anti-slip rubber strips at the bottom ensure stability during mealtime.
  • Convenient Split Design: The bottom bowl holds food, while the upper bowl holds water – a versatile and practical solution.
  • Resilient and Durable: Even the most mischievous of dogs won't easily knock it over, thanks to its thoughtful design.
  • Easy to Clean: With high-temperature washability and non-deformation properties, it stays both beautiful and functional.
  • Insulation Effect: Enjoy a relatively good insulation effect for warm or cold meals.
  • Shaped Bone Hand-Grip: The ergonomic bone-shaped hand-grip makes picking up and putting down the bowls a breeze, minimizing spills and enhancing convenience.
  • Secure Packaging: Rest assured that our product is securely packaged for transit, arriving at your doorstep intact and ready to make mealtime better.

Why do we love it?

Tailored to the needs of French Bulldogs, this bowl ensures they enjoy their meals at a comfortable pace, reducing the risk of health concerns associated with fast eating. Our pet bowl features a unique bone shape rotating hinder that slows down your furry friend's eating pace. This innovative design not only prolongs mealtime but also safeguards against issues like obesity, indigestion, and bloating – common problems caused by rapid consumption.

Anti Choke Frenchie Feeding Bowl

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