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Sunscreen Frenchie Baseball Cap

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''The ear holes fit perfectly, and the adjustable drawstring keeps it in place, even during our playtime. The option to wet the cap for extra cooling is brilliant – it's like my pup has his own personal air conditioning!''

Tanya V., our customer

Protect your beloved Frenchie from the dangers of heatstroke with the Sunscreen Frenchie Baseball Cap. The cap acts as a shield, keeping direct sunlight off their delicate face and helping maintain a safe body temperature.

  • Designed with ear holes tailored for French Bulldogs' comfort
  • Available in a variety of gorgeous, vibrant summer colors
  • Provides essential protection from heatstroke and harmful sun rays
  • Enhanced cooling effect when cap is worn wet
  • Adjustable drawstring ensures a secure fit under the chin Elevate your Frenchie's summer style and safety with this stylish and functional cap!

Why do we love it?

This cap features thoughtfully designed ear holes that cater to the unique anatomy of French Bulldogs, ensuring a comfortable fit while allowing their adorable ears to pop out.
For an even more effective cooling effect, simply wet the cap before placing it on your furry friend. This ingenious feature ensures that your Frenchie stays refreshed and comfortable even during scorching days.
The adjustable drawstring is designed to provide a secure and snug fit. It goes under the chin, preventing the cap from slipping off while allowing your Frenchie to move and play freely.

Sunscreen Frenchie Baseball Cap

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