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French Bulldog Halloween Headgear Costume

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Wine bottle
Pipe wrenches

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"This French Bulldog Halloween Headgear Costume turned my furry friend into a 'pawsome' party sensation, and the adjustable lace-up design made dressing up a breeze!"

Elijah Bennett, our customer

Get ready to turn heads and tails with our meticulously crafted French Bulldog Halloween Headgear Costume, designed to make your furry friend the life of the spooky season's party! Prepare for a paw-sitively hilarious parade of head-turns and tail-wags as your pup struts their stuff in this wickedly funny headgear. After all, who says Frenchies can't enjoy a little 'howl-oween' humor too?

  • Available in sizes S and M.
  • Made from PP short plush with Velcro.
  • The solid pattern adds to the costume's charm.
  • Convenient lace-up design for easy wearing.
  • Various funny Halloween props for festive occasions.

Why do we love it?

Our costume is made from soft and comfortable PP short plush material, ensuring that your bulldog remains cozy throughout the festivities. Available in two sizes, S and M, our costume is suitable for French Bulldogs of varying sizes, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit.

Choose from an array of captivating Halloween-themed patterns, including an Axe, Scissors, Wine Bottle, Pliers, Pipe Wrench, Wrench, and Syringe. Whether it's a festive gathering, a themed party, or just a casual outing, your French Bulldog will steal the show with their unique and amusing costume.

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French Bulldog Halloween Headgear Costume

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