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French Bulldog Treat Feeder

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''It used to be a struggle to get him in the tub, but now he's so excited to play with the treat feeder that he hardly notices the water.

Plus, it's been a game-changer during nail trims – he's so focused on licking the peanut butter that he doesn't even notice his nails being clipped.''

Olivera B., our customer
  • Durable silicone construction
  • Perfect for bath and nail trimming sessions
  • Peanut butter-friendly for engaging play
  • Available in various shapes and colors
  • Easily attaches to bathroom tub
  • Keep your Frenchie entertained and happy

Why do we love it?

The French Bulldog Treat Feeder is a fun and flexible way to keep your pet friend busy. This feeder is made of strong silicone and is a great way to give treats to your pet. It is also a great way to keep your pet busy during bath time and nail trimming. Just put some peanut butter on it, and your Frenchie will lick it happily. Because they come in so many different shapes and colors, it's easy to find one that your pet will love. Plus, you can easily put it on a bathroom tub to keep your dog busy and happy. This clever treat box will make it more fun for your Frenchie to play and get groomed.

French Bulldog Treat Feeder

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