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Summer Frenchie Cooling Vest

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"Our French Bulldog, Rocky, used to struggle in the summer heat. But ever since we got him the Summer Frenchie Cooling Vest, he's been a much happier pup during our outdoor adventures. This vest is a game-changer!"

— Sarah M., our customer

Warm weather, meet your match! Summer Frenchie Cooling Vest doesn't just look cool – it's all about making your dog feel cool too. The spongy insulation is like a built-in AC, keeping the vest wet for extended comfort.


  • makes your dog feel comfortable in warm weather
  • the spongy insulation keeps a vest wet for a long time
  • breathable mesh that allows skin to breathe
  • D ring on the back for easy strolls
  • hand washable
  • it should be worn wet 

Why do we love it?

French Bulldogs are especially sensitive to heat, and keeping them cool is essential. Thanks to the innovative design and breathable fabric of our vest, your Frenchie will experience a refreshing cooling effect even on the hottest days. We're not just selling products – we're providing solutions that enhance the lives of French Bulldogs and their families. Seeing the transformation in our own dogs when they wear our cooling vest fuels our passion. Every panting smile, every extra minute of play, and every tail wag remind us why we do what we do.

Choose the Summer Frenchie Cooling Vest to keep your beloved pup cool, comfortable, and looking chic all summer long. Make staying cool a breeze, and give your Frenchie the gift of endless summertime adventures.

Summer Frenchie Cooling Vest

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