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French Bulldog Hawaiian Shirt

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Blue pineapple
Pink Coconut
Red pineapple
White pineapple
Blue Coconut
White Coconut
Blue flower
Black Coconut

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''Every time we hit the beach, my pup becomes the center of attention. People can't help but smile and take photos of him in his funny and stylish shirt. He's like a celebrity on the beach!''

Maria T., our customer
  • Lightweight and breathable fabric for cool and stylish comfort.
  • Cute and vibrant tropical designs to turn heads and make a splash.
  • Hand washable for those fun-filled, messy beach days.
  • Your Frenchie's summer vacation essential - a never-ending tropical party!
  • Get ready for endless photo ops and smiles with our funny and fashionable shirt.

Why do we love it?

Get ready to unleash your Frenchie's inner beach bum with our French Bulldog Hawaiian Shirt - the ultimate fashion statement for fun-loving pups who are ready to ride the tropical wave! Made from lightweight and breathable fabric, this shirt will keep your furry friend cool and comfortable while making a splash with cute and vibrant tropical designs.

Hand washable, because, let's face it, even beach bums can get a little messy sometimes! But no worries, keeping this shirt clean and fresh is a breeze.

This shirt is the paw-fect choice for summer wear - it's like dressing your Frenchie for a never-ending vacation! With our Hawaiian shirt, your pup will be the life of the party, turning heads and sparking smiles wherever they go.

The beach is calling, and your Frenchie is ready to show off their stylish and fun-loving personality! Whether they're sunbathing, strolling along the shore, or playing in the surf, our French Bulldog Hawaiian Shirt is the must-have accessory for making a splash and turning the beach into their very own runway.

So, if you're looking to add a touch of whimsy and laughter to your pup's summer wardrobe, look no further! Our French Bulldog Hawaiian Shirt is the paw-fect blend of style and humor. Get ready for endless photo ops and memorable beach days with your furry beach bum!

French Bulldog Hawaiian Shirt

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