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How Rare Is Chocolate French Bulldog?

How Rare Is Chocolate French Bulldog? - French Bulldog Store

Unwrapping the Chocolate Frenchie

Let's unwrap this chocolatey tale. The brown French Bulldog isn't a flavor but a color variety that can make any Frenchie lover's heart melt like… well, chocolate. They're the cocoa powder in a sea of vanilla pups, a brownie in a box of cookies.

But why is this color so sought after, and what makes it rare? All about genetics! A recessive gene causes the chocolate color in French Bulldogs. That means both parents must carry this special gene to produce a litter that includes chocolate puppies.

A Pinch of Genetics

Understanding why the chocolate shade in French Bulldogs involves a sprinkle of genetics. Frenchies come with a palette of colors, but a chocolate color that turns heads and raises eyebrows - it's the James Bond of Frenchie colors.

But here's the catch: to make a chocolate French Bulldog, you need two copies of a recessive brown gene. The chocolate gene is like a shy person at a high school dance. It needs another shy person to have a chance at being Prom King or Queen.

Dark Solid Brown French Bulldog

*In the photo above, you can see Baldwin, a solid dark chocolate male with yellow eyes, which I bred. 

A Shade of Brown for Everyone

Whether you're into milk, dark, or white chocolate, there's a shade of brown French Bulldog to satisfy your canine cravings. Their coats can range from light cinnamon to deep mahogany, ensuring there's a perfect Frenchie for every preference.

The Rarity Scale: Dark Brown to Isabella

How rare are these chocolate nuggets? If they were Pokémon, you'd need to use more than a standard Poké Ball to catch one.

Their rarity is because of the strict dance that genetics plays. Not all French Bulldogs have the chocolate gene. Even if they do, a puppy needs specific conditions to have that coat.

The Rich Palette of Chocolate French Bulldogs

Cocoa Brown French Bulldog

The Cocoa French Bulldog presents a coat similar to the deep tones of pure cocoa powder. Their striking look comes from the co/co gene, making their color a testament to the breed’s genetic diversity.

Solid dark chocolate French Bulldog female puppy

*Above, you' see adorable French Bulldog puppy girl with a solid dark brown coat. I proudly bred her, and her lineage connects to Baldwin, who's the source of her beautiful chocolate DNA.

Testable Chocolate: Isabella French Bulldog

This variant is like the first pick in a box of luxury chocolates. The Testable Choco, or Isabella French Bulldog, is rare and coveted.

Beautifully boasting a silky coat with a lighter, washed chocolate shade and enchanting light-colored eyes. Their unique color comes from:

  • Two copies of the dilute d allele (dd) at the D locus
  • And two chocolate alleles at the B locus.

To make it simple - do not bother yourself with those expert genetics terms. In practice, this means Isabella Frenchie is a mixture of choco and blue! The blue color in Frenchies is a diluted black or brindle caused by the D gene.

So, what is blue Frenchie to the black - that's Isabella to the chocolate dog. So Isabella is nothing but a light brown French bulldog.

Isabella colored French Bulldog puppy stands against vibrant blue backdrop.

*Isabella-colored Frenchies come in various shades. Above, you can see a typical Isabella puppy with a white patch on the chest.

Non-Testable Chocolate French Bulldog

Non-Testable Chocolate Frenchies are the undercover agents of the chocolate Frenchie world. They carry the chocolate color without the telltale signs of the testable chocolate gene. These Frenchies have a more subtle charm that doesn't immediately shout "chocolate!" But reveals itself in the sun’s glow, showcasing its rich, velvety tones.

Chocolate Merle French Bulldog: The Polka-Dotted Rarity

Enter the Chocolate Merle Frenchie, a stylish dog that puts fashionistas to shame. They have chocolate coats with splashes of lighter patterns, making them as rare as a unicorn in a field of horses.

The Brown Merle Frenchie is a triumph of breeding artistry! Their coat resembles a painter's masterpiece, and the brush has created a stunning marbled pattern on their body. Their merle gene creates patches of lighter color against their darker base, making each of them a walking, barking piece of unique artwork.

Chocolate marble Frenchie puppy laying against plain white background.

*Chocolate merle French Bulldog pup.

Choco and Tan French Bulldog

The Choco and Tan French Bulldog is a dapper little dog dressed to impress. With a luxurious chocolate coat accented by striking tan marks that highlight their adorable features. Reminiscent of a finely crafted espresso with perfect crema, these dogs carry the aesthetic of timeless elegance. Their tan points appear over the eyes, cheeks, chest, and legs, creating a sharp contrast that's impossible to ignore.

Testable/Rojo French Bulldog

The Testable/Rojo French Bulldog, with its deep red-brown hue, seems to have been dipped in an autumnal sunset. These dogs embody the "Rojo" or red in their name, carrying a warm and radiant color that sets them apart. Their choco bb gene DNA promises that their rich color is as pure.

Rojo (red) chocolate variant of French bulldog.

*Above is Rojo (deep red) typic. There is a significant difference between the FCI and AKC-recognized reef fawn shades, not to mention DNA.

Double Chocolate (Lilac) French Bulldog

Last but not least, the Double Chocolate French Bulldog, often called Lilac, embodies double trouble in the best way possible. These pups carry two chocolate genes, presenting a dilute chocolate color that’s soft and warm, much like a well-melted chocolate bar.

This dilution not only affects their coat but also gives them their distinctive light-colored eyes and nose. People like these features, but they come with a price. In most cases, merle DNA also carries deafness.

Pink French Bulldog

Lastly, the Pink French Bulldog is not what you might first imagine. Instead of a bubble-gum wrapper, think of a delicate dawn sky reflecting off a creamy café au lait. Their pink shade is not vibrant but a subtle, dilute version of choco, often paired with a soft, almost ethereal presence. These Frenchies have light-colored eyes and a matching light nose, creating an impression of a dog enveloped in a gentle blush.

Chocolate French Bulldog puppy sitting against dark brown background.

*Chocolate French Bulldog puppy bred by me.

Market Value

Given their rarity, Chocolate French Bulldogs have higher prices than their more common cousins. If you're in the market, you might need to shell out quite a bit of dough! Owning one of these pups could be as pricey as buying a small island. Or a lifetime supply of actual chocolate bars.

The Chocolate Gene: Not Just a Pretty Coat

The chocolate gene doesn't just give these Frenchies their stunning looks; it also makes them a hot topic in the Frenchie community. Breeders that produce chocolate French bulldog puppies must be well-versed in genetics to ensure ethically bred pups.

Color French Bulldog: Beyond Just Brown

When we discuss the color of French Bulldogs, we're not just looking at shades of brown. These dogs can sport coats in cream, white, black, and even gray. But let's be honest, it's the chocolate ones that make us go "aww" with their brownie-batter fur.

Dog French Bulldogs: A Perfect Pet

Whether it's a chocolate Frenchie or another shade, these dogs make a perfect pet. They can adapt well and are great for small spaces.

Additionally, they require minimal maintenance. This is similar to the chances of finding a chocolate Frenchie in a dog park. Which, by the way, is fairly low.

Final Word On Brown Coat Color

In conclusion, the Chocolate French Bulldog is like a rare treasure at the end of a rainbow, coveted by many but owned by few. Their rarity, combined with their adorable appearance and charming demeanor, makes them a highly sought-after breed.

If you get your hands on one of these rare brown, brown, French bulldog puppies, consider yourself lucky – you've just won the doggy lottery. But keep in mind that with a beautiful puppy comes great responsibility. So be prepared to care for these earbat puppies with all the love and attention they deserve.

After all, a chocolate Frenchie isn't just a pet; it's a statement – a delicious, cuddly, snoozing-on-your-couch statement. Before everything - a family member that requires all the love and attention you can give him!

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