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Best Harness for French Bulldogs: Honest Vet Review

Best Harness for French Bulldogs: Honest Vet Review - French Bulldog Store

Best Harness for French Bulldogs: Honest Vet Review

Blog post author portrait Written by Aleksandar G., BScVM, Canine Practice and Behavior Specialist

As a devoted French bulldog owner, I understand the importance of finding a comfortable and secure harness. It needs to suit their body shape and prevent injuries. After years of trial and error, I have identified the best harness for French bulldogs. They distribute pressure and allow freedom of movement. They also excel in design, durability, and effectiveness.

In this article, I review my top 5 recommended harnesses. They offer the perfect fit and protection for a French bulldog's neck, chest, and back. By the end, you will have the information to make criteria when choosing a harness for your Frenchie. Let's get started.

Why a Harness for French Bulldogs: Vet Tips

Their neck and throat areas are sensitive, and collars can strain this region or even cause injury. A fitted harness redistributes pressure over the chest, providing safe walking for French bulldogs and their owners.

Best harness for French bulldog meets the brachycephalic breed's needs. A vest-style harness with adjustable straps is ideal, as it distributes pressure to the chest. That way, Frenchie's neck, spine, and hips remain safe!

For the safety and well-being of your French bulldog, avoid using a collar for walking or play. Their neck and throat are especially prone to injury. The pressure from a collar could lead to conditions like a collapsed trachea or eye proptosis. A fine-fitted walking harness removes direct pressure from the neck, reducing health risks. I always recommend harness and promoting it with my clients.

It is also essential to accustom your French bulldog to wearing a harness from an early age so they can get used to it positively. Provide treats and praise while wearing the harness to help them make positive associations. Take time during the first few uses to ensure the harness is not bothering them. Check that it is fitting fine and not causing irritation.

Using a harness designed for brachycephalic breeds, adequately fitted and introduced early, helps ensure safe, comfortable, and enjoyable walks for French bulldogs and their owners. As a veterinarian, I consider harnesses vitally crucial for this breed, and I recommend them wholeheartedly to provide many happy adventures together.

A tale from my vet Clinique

Every little while, I got Frenchie owners terrified of collars. They are reading amateur articles where they have been told never to use collars. That's misleading information. Collars have an important purpose in French bulldog life. I will write about that later.


Pied French bulldog wearing Best Harness for French Bulldogs

Factors to Consider When Choosing a French Bulldog Harness

When choosing a harness for a Frenchie, consider several factors to ensure the best fit, comfort, and safety. As a French bulldog owner, I have tested various harnesses for over six years to determine the most essential features.

Size and Fit

An ill-fitting harness can cause discomfort, pain, and even injury to a French bulldog. Their stocky build and short neck need a harness designed for brachycephalic breeds. Look for a “French bulldog harness” that comes in sizes based on chest circumference and neck size. I chose and tested all the harnesses in my Frenchie store, ensuring they were safe above all. An adjustable harness with many straps allows for a customized fit. Measure your dog and check the sizing chart to determine the best size.


A soft, breathable material like nylon is ideal for a French bulldog harness. Their pushed-in faces and short muzzles make overheating a concern, especially in warm weather. Mesh or padded panels will keep them more relaxed and comfortable on walks. Leather harnesses, while durable, do not breathe as well and can irritate the skin. I recommend having at least two harnesses for different purposes.

Back Attachment

A back-attaching harness with a D-ring on the back, between the shoulders, is the safest design for a French bulldog. This type of harness prevents injury by redistributing pressure over the chest. Front-attaching harnesses put too much stress on the neck and are not ideal for French bulldogs.

Extra Features

Reflective striping improves visibility for nighttime walks. Padded straps prevent chafing and add comfort. Metal hardware should be high-quality to prevent breaking or rusting. A handle on the back allows you to grab and steer the harness in emergencies.

By considering size, material, back attachment, and any extra valuable features, you can find a high-quality, comfortable harness suited to your French bulldog. Their unique physiology and potential health issues need close attention. A fitted harness designed for French bulldogs will keep your dog safe, secure, and comfortable for years.

Top 5 Recommended Harnesses for French Bulldogs

Finding a harness that fits my dog is essential for safety, comfort, and control. After researching various options, I'll stick with five recommended harnesses for French bulldogs:

1. Chest Pressure Frenchie Walk Training Harness

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This harness pressures the chest area, which has a calming effect and discourages pulling. It is adjustable for a custom fit, and the breathable material keeps dogs comfortable on long walks.

2. Frenchie World Soft Padded Harness

Pink soft padded harness for French Bulldogs

This harness features soft, breathable mesh and sponge padding for French bulldogs that prefer extra padding. The adjustable straps ensure the most comfort, while the D-ring on the back allows for leash attachment. This harness may not be ideal for dogs that pull excessively.

3. No-Pull French Bulldog Harness

Green harness for French Bulldog against white background and surrounded with smaller images of same harness in other colors

As the name suggests, this harness is designed to discourage pulling. It applies pressure at the front of the chest and shoulder area, redirecting a dog's attention to the owner. The padded straps and adjustable belts prevent discomfort. This is a good option for training purposes.

4. Frenchie Handle Harness

White French bulldog sitting outside and wearing French Bulldog Harness with handle

This harness has an extra grab handle for better control and security. The adjustable straps, quick-release buckles, and breathable material comfort the dog. Yet, the handle may not be suitable for dogs that pulls.

5. No-Pull Mesh Frenchie Harness Set

White French bulldog sitting and wearing Mesh No-Pull blue harness 

For simple comfort, the No-Pull mesh harness is a popular choice. It is made of soft, breathable polyester and cotton. Adjustable straps ensure a snug but comfortable fit. Budget-friendly and comfortable, this harness may not provide much control for dogs that pull excessively.

In summary, there are many high-quality harnesses available for French bulldogs. Your final choice will depend on your dog's size, temperament, and walking habits. With options ranging from extra control to most comfort, one of these recommended harnesses will suit your Frenchie's needs.

Tips for Getting Your Frenchie Used to Wear a Harness

How to start?

Getting a French bulldog accustomed to wearing a harness takes patience and positive reinforcement. My tips will help make the transition as stress-free as possible for you and your dog.

To start, buy a high-quality harness designed for French bulldogs. Look for an adjustable, escape-proof harness that distributes pressure around the neck and chest.

Once you have the harness, let your Frenchie examine it to become familiar with the scent. They may even play with it before putting it on. Give treats and praise to help them associate the harness with positive experiences.

Putting the Harness for a First Time

When ready to put on the harness for the first time, have lots of treats on hand. Gently and slowly place the harness over your dog's head, giving treats and verbal encouragement as you go. If they seem distressed, stop and start again another time. It can take several short sessions for them to get accustomed to wearing it.

After the harness is on, give treats, praise, belly rubs, and play to help them forget they have it on. Keep initial wearing times short, around 5 to 10 minutes. Slowly increase the time over days or weeks as your Frenchie adjusts.

Final Step Before Go Out

Some French bulldogs may try to scratch or chew at the harness at first. Gently but firmly tell them "no" and redirect them to an appropriate toy or chew. You can also try temporarily using bitter apple spray on the harness to deter chewing until they get used to wearing it.

With regular use and positive reinforcement, your French bulldog should become comfortable wearing their harness. Be patient through the process and make it a rewarding experience. Soon, harness = walk or ride in the car, and your Frenchie will come running when they see you pick it up!

Extra tip: Before going outside on a leash, I'll share my trick that 100% works! For a conditioned reflex, associate harness with a good experience. For example - put the harness on your Frenchie and give him a treat. There are many ways to do it. Be creative and consistent!

Woman hand feeding a black French Bulldog who wear orange harness

People Also Asked About French Bulldog Harnesses

As a French bulldog owner, I understand the importance of finding a comfortable and secure harness for your Frenchie. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about harnesses for French bulldogs:

How do I get the correct size harness for my French bulldog?

Determine the correct size harness by measuring the rib cage's chest circumference (girth) right behind the front legs. Compare the measurement to the size chart for the chosen harness. Choose the size that will offer the best fit. It is best to choose a harness that is snug but still allows for two fingers to fit under the straps. A harness that is too loose can let your Frenchie slip out, while a harness that is too tight can cause discomfort.

How do I put on and adjust a harness for my French bulldog?

When first putting on a harness, loosen all straps to their fullest extent. Slide the harness over your Frenchie’s head and position the chest plate evenly across their chest, right behind the front legs. Tighten the straps so two fingers can slide under, but the harness still feels snug and secure. Make sure all buckles and clips are securely fastened.

Final Word

As a French bulldog owner and vet, I know the importance of finding a harness designed for the breed's needs. I've seen too many injuries caused by wrong choice or harness usage. After testing options for a years the Chest Pressure Frenchie Harness is my own 1st choice. This harness provides a full range of motion and control and avoids stress points. It comes in sizes suited for Frenchies of all shapes and ages. Consider the Chest Pressure French Bulldog Harness if you seek the best all-round high-quality harness. It's my top recommendation.

Last but not least - there's no such thing as a "best harness for French Bulldogs." Every dog has its unique needs. Happy walks, dear Frenchie fellows!

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