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Best Beds for French Bulldogs: A Vet Guide

Best Beds for French Bulldogs: A Vet Guide - French Bulldog Store

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Written, tested and approved by Aleksandar G., BScVM, Canine Practice and Behavior Specialist

Frenchies need 10-12 hours of sleep a day, and picking the right bed is crucial for their health and comfort. A quality sleep is as essential for our dogs as it is for us. For the French Bulldog, it's about health, so that's why choosing the best bed is vital!

Not all beds are equal. While saving a few bucks on a cheaper bed might be tempting, I recommend investing in a high-quality bed. Low-quality beds often wear out and end up costing more over time.

So, what makes the best beds for French Bulldogs?

Key Takeaways

  • When choosing the right bed for your French Bulldog, look for size, comfort, and durability. The key aspects to consider are size, comfort, and body support. Opt for durable and washable materials.

  • Various types of dog beds cater to different individual needs. Orthopedic beds provide joint and spine relief. Elevated beds offer a breathable surface and reduced joint pressure. Donut beds offer a calm, snug spot for your Frenchie.

  • The top-rated feature of dog beds for French Bulldogs is orthopedic support. Pay attention to durable chassis and mattresses for the breed's chewing habits. These beds aim to balance comfort, health benefits, and durability.

  • Training your French Bulldog to sleep in his bed requires patience and consistency. Positive reinforcement, a sleep schedule, and a sleep environment help in this process.

  • Regular maintenance and cleaning of the bed are paramount. They preserve the bed's function and lifespan. By cleaning the bed, you're preserving the French Bulldog's allergies and health.

  • The best beds for French Bulldogs should offer comfort and support. Look for a balance between softness and firmness, and be proportional to the dog's size. That helps ensure longer and healthier sleep cycles for your pet.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Dog Bed for French Bulldogs

Cream French bulldog sitting in dog bed in a living room

Choosing the right bed for your Frenchie involves several considerations. I always look for the optimal balance of size, comfort, durability, and washability. Other factors include spine and joint support and design.

Let's see what makes the best French bulldog bed "the best".

Size and Shape

Choosing the correct size and shape is crucial in picking the best bed for your French Bulldog. They love a secure and snug space, so beds with raised edges are the real winners. Opt for a bed large enough to accommodate your French Bulldog's stocky frame. Make sure your dog has plenty of room to stretch out and relax in any position.

Examples include orthopedic beds designed to support your Frenchie's muscular frame. Bolstered beds are perfect for pups resting their heads on something soft. Frenchie's parents know the "chin rest" - their famous sleeping position!

Comfort and Support

The comfort and support a bed provides are factors you should look for in the best French Bulldog beds. French Bulldogs need a spot that soothes their joints and aids total relaxation. Orthopedic beds provide the therapeutic support that these adorable furballs need. My warm recommendation is to start using orthopedic beds as early as possible. My pups are all sleeping in orthopedic bed since day one, along with their mother.

Orthopedic beds must use quality memory foam that molds to your Frenchie's body. While donut beds offer a plush, cozy, round space that provides security and comfort. Think about your dog's needs before you choose a bed!

Durability and Maintenance

When considering durability, remember that French Bulldogs are natural chewers. A bed made from robust and durable material extends its lifespan, even in the face of a dedicated nibbler. Polyesters and heavy-duty fabrics could survive your Frenchie's chewing tendencies.

As for washability, a washable dog bed is a wise investment. Given the natural tendency for Frenchies to shed and their love for outdoor fun. Easy-clean options help maintain an odor-free and clean sleeping area for your doggo. Look for beds with machine-washable covers or that a simple wipe-down could clean.

The best Frenchie bed isn't about aesthetics but about health! Sleeping is an integral part of their life cycle. By sticking to these guidelines, you're one step closer to finding the dream bed for your Frenchie.

Types of French Bulldog Beds

Best French bulldog beds

There are various types of French Bulldog Beds available on the market. Each embodies unique features that cater to different needs. Let me explain the different bed types and their purpose:

Orthopedic Bed

To me, Orthopedic beds are a stellar choice. They often feature a simple design and a memory foam mattress. They are not too soft or too hard. You can't go wrong with a bed that focuses on relieving your canine friend's joints. This type of bed showcases orthopedic benefits and soothes spine and joint pain.

Elevated Bed

Opt-in for elevated dog beds to offer your French Bulldog a comfortable sleeping surface. The elevation feature shifts the focus to your furry friend's joints, alleviating the pressure from them. Try to find elevated bed made with breathable mesh fabric for a cooling effect.

Pillow Bed

Soft Pillow Beds are comfortable and practical. French Bulldogs are prone to shedding, which requires regular cleaning. These beds are simple to clean and maintain and offer practicality. Always look for a washable pillow bed; maintaining cleanliness is easier.

Donut Bed

For a French Bulldog that adores snug spots, Donut Beds are ideal. This bed forms a cocoon of comfort. It's the best Frenchie bed for those seeking a calming effect, enhancing your dog's sleep quality manifold. Perfect for Frenchies that suffering from anxiety.

Cooling Pad Bed

Hot weather demands a change of surface for your Bulldog. I am often asked, "Can my Frenchie catch a cold on those cooling pads?" No, they can't. Those mats regulate optimal temperature—enough to cool your dog. Cooling Beds generate a balanced solution for French bulldogs due to overheating tendency.

Extra tip: Try to pair the support of an orthopedic bed with the cooling effect.

Designer Bed

For an aesthetic upgrade, consider designer French Bulldog beds. While they enhance any room, look for comfort, too. A fine example is the Contemporary French Bulldog Sofa. This stylish human-inspired bed creates a private space for your French Bulldog. It's made in Scandinavian style with wooden legs and a has a bold shape. Alongside visual appeal, they offer a cozy shelter for your furry friend.

When choosing the best bed for French bulldogs, focus on support and suitability. Furthermore, look for chewing durability, easy cleaning, and design. There's a bed out there to match your French Bulldog's requirements. Each dog has unique needs, which come first when choosing a bed for your Frenchie.

Top Dog Beds for French Bulldogs

Orthopedic SpineSoothe™ Frenchie Bed

Top Rated: Editors Choice 

Orthopedic SpineSoothe Waterproof French Bulldog Bed
Best Beds for French Bulldogs - Editor's Choice

A top-rated option, the Orthopedic SpineSoothe™ Waterproof French Bulldog Bed offers ideal comfort and support. A plush faux fur surface adds comfort while fitting as an aesthetic addition to any home. Its orthopedic benefits are undeniable, and its waterproof and machine-washable cover simplifies cleaning.

Designed by the "less is more" rule and a unique memory foam formula is what makes this bed my first choice!

Frenchie's Store Memory Foam Mattress Bed

Best "all-over" Frenchie Bed Choice

Memory Foam French Bulldog Mattress Bed

My next pick is our Memory Foam Mattress Bed. It's a cozy haven that combines supportive memory foam with plush bolsters. Unlike traditional flat beds, this has grooves that contour to your Frenchie's body. This feature relieves pressure points and provides more orthopedic benefits.

The difference between orthopedic and Mattress Beds is that the second one is softer. But do not worry—it's still supportive enough to make it high on my list.

Rocking Chair for French Bulldogs

For Playful French Bulldogs

Rocking Chair for French Bulldogs

The Rocking Chair for French Bulldogs is a unique, elevated dog bed. It’s made with breathable mesh fabric and a firm frame body. I got mine from the French Bulldog Breed Shop.

If I need to pick up a purpose, it's play, fun, and a calming, anxiety-relieving feature! Your Frenchie will enjoy all that rocking and swinging. The chair has three positions, each with different mods: play, rest, and sleep.

From my experience, some Frenchies hop right onto it, while others need some time. The great thing about this bed is its safety, and in the end - each dog will learn how to use it in its way.

Donut Cuddler French Bulldog Bed

Best for Anxious Frenchies and Puppies


Donut Cuddler Frenchie Bed

The Donut Cuddler French Bulldog Bed worms its way into my selections with its calming effect. Its round design creates a sense of the dog's hugs and cuddles. It provides a calming effect on dogs, making them comfortable and safe. The ultra-soft plush fabric adds extra peace, making this bed a relaxation-safe spot.

Frenchie Shark House

Most Fun French Bulldog Bed

Frenchie Shark House

The Frenchie Shark House, a bestseller from Frenchie World, is an adorable and fun option. Its design brings a smile and adds humor while providing a comfortable cave space. Your canine companion would appreciate it.

Shark Bed is one of the best-selling dog beds in the world. Look at Frenchie World's Instagram page; you will find many viral posts about this bed.

Frenchie World® Self Cooling Sleeping Mat

Must-have Frenchie Summer Bed

Frenchie World® Self Cooling Sleeping Mat

As the name suggests, the Frenchie World® Self-Cooling Sleeping Mat is perfect for hot summer days. This cooling French Bulldog bed provides optimal cooling temperature—not too cold! The pressure-activated gel technology starts cooling once the dog lays on it. Self-cooling mat technology requires no electricity or refrigeration.

Frenchie World's Self Cooling Mat keeps your French Bulldog cool so you can chill as well. With its reasonable price - I'd look no further for a chilling spot for my Frenchies.

French Bulldog's Car Seat, Bed & Carrier Bag

Best for Frenchie Travelers

French Bulldog's Car Seat, Bed & Carrier Bag

Our French Bulldog's Car Seat, Bed & Carrier Bag are the definition of multitasking. It's a 3-in-1 portable solution that functions as a car seat, a bed, and a carrier bag. This nylon puffer quilted carrier is more than a high-end fashion accessory. Frenchie owners often seek traveling solutions, and I recommend this one.

OrthoMat French Bulldog Bed

Best Bed for Senior French Bulldogs

OrthoMat French Bulldog Bed

Last on my list, but no less in prowess, is the OrthoMat French Bulldog Bed. It's a supportive, firm orthopedic bed with a cozy surface that your Frenchie will love. OrthoMat Bed is breathable, with firm surface and two layers of memory foam. The waterproof, tear-resistant cover makes it suitable for senior French Bulldogs.

Training French Bulldogs to Sleep in Bed

Pied French bulldog puppy in his dog bed

French Bulldogs bed training isn't a walk in the park. It involves understanding the individual canine's sleep behavior. A Frenchie's best bed not only depends on his personal preferences but also on a bed's unique features. The general rule is that French Bulldog puppies adapt faster to soft, cuddly beds.

While some prefer the comfort and security of their bed, a few even appreciate the thought of a den or crate. This variance in their sleep preferences indicates how implementing training moves becomes crucial.

Training your Frenchie to sleep in his bed requires patience and consistency. Always encourage your dog to go to his bed using positive reinforcements. Treats, cuddles, and praises work like a charm. Likewise, enforce a strict sleeping schedule. Remember, maintaining a comfortable sleep environment contributes to the success of this process.

As a canine behavior specialist, I can tell that each dog will decide on his sleeping spot. And that's the spot where you need to position the bed.

I will tell you the trick I'm using when training my dogs to sleep in their beds. Select a breathable mesh cooling bed by summer. Your Frenchies will sense the cooling their bodies need and lead them to the bed by instinct. On the opposite, choose a Donut Bed after a short winter walk. It's plush texture and round shape will offer security and warm your pooch.


The training doesn't end once your Frenchie starts sleeping in his bed. Consistency and the right bed choice will help your Frenchie stick to his bed.


Pro-Vet Tip:

Having studied canine behavior for the last 25 years, I will tell you something you have yet to hear. A dog is a pack animal organized by hierarchy. We all know about the alpha dog and its role. Let's recall—the role of the alpha dog is to manage the pack and ensure the safety of all individuals.

The alpha dog sets the boundaries and is the most exposed to stress. Since the alpha dog is taking care of everything - the members of the pack are stress-free and thus happy. Think of yourself as the alpha dog.

Set clear boundaries when it comes to sleep routine, and you'll have the happiest Frenchie in the world.


Dog Bed Maintenance

Best French bulldog beds

Maintaining your French Bulldog's bed is crucial to keeping them healthy and comfortable. Below is a list of key factors for maintaining your French Bulldog's bed:

  • Material Preferences

    Different beds have different maintenance instructions. Always follow manufacturer care instructions.

  • Regular Cleaning

    French Bulldogs tend to shed a lot. Cleaning their beds becomes an important task. It keeps the home clean and contributes to your pet's health by preventing allergies.

  • Using a Washable Bed Cover

    A washable bed cover prolongs the bed's lifespan. Choosing a nylon made bed is a bonus, as it prevents accidents before they soak into the main bed.

  • Inspecting the Bed Regularly

    Check your French Bulldog's bed for any signs of damage. An elevated dog bed, for instance, might get scratches or breaks in the frame over time. Timely detection ensures the bed's longevity and keeps your pet safe.

When the bed is clean, cozy, and sturdy, it's doing a great job. Intense care for your pet's bed will mirror your Frenchie's health and happiness. Allergens can accumulate over time, and this buildup can hamper your pup's comfort.

To keep a healthy sleep environment, vacuum your dog's bed once a week. This will remove dust, hair, and other allergens.


So, we've learned about finding the perfect bed for a French Bulldog. It's all about understanding their individual needs and preferences. Remember, quality sleep is as essential for them as it is for you. Refrain from skimping on comfort and support. An orthopedic or elevated bed might be what your Frenchie needs.

Your Frenchie's bed isn't a place to sleep; it's a key component of their general health and happiness. So take the time to choose and invest in a bed your French Bulldog will love.

People Also Ask

Do French Bulldogs prefer specific types of beds?

Every French Bulldog is unique and might have varying preferences. Considering their physical needs and restrictions, orthopedic beds are generally advisable. This bed type provides proper support and prevents spine and joint injury.

Are there any specific tips on training a French Bulldog to sleep in bed?

Inculcating a routine, associating the bed with rewards, and understanding your French Bulldog's preferences are significant while training them to sleep in bed. Every dog differs, and so does the approach to train them.

Why is the maintenance and cleaning of the French Bulldog's bed significant?

Regular cleaning reduces allergens, preventing potential reactions in your French Bulldog. Waterproof beds with removable covers and liners are preferable for easy mainanance.

How can I choose a bed that's comfortable for my French Bulldog?

Comfort is subjective and depends on your dog's preferences. Look out for beds that provide proper support, have enough padding, and are well-made. Depending on your dog's age and activity level, you may opt for orthopedic or elevated beds.

What are some considerations for promoting healthier sleep cycles in French bulldogs?

Besides the right bed type, understanding your dog's unique needs is key. These needs include stress levels, lifestyle, diet, and medical conditions. They help promote longer and healthier sleep. Always consult with a vet for any sleep-related issues.

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